What is yin yoga?

Within our hour long Yin yoga sessions, I bring forward the art and introduction of the beautiful divine feminine qualities; the Yin to balance the many aspects of the strong and masculine Yang we are consumed by in our daily lives (high energy tasks).


As a complimentary extension of the yoga practice, I integrate Reiki healing to gently assist in the balancing and flow of our chi and prana, amplifying the calmness and the many internal and external benefits within each pose. 


The Yin and Reiki healing sessions will provide and support you as needed. Bringing back harmony while at the same time giving full permission to let go and surrender, enabling us to return and lean inwards. Allowing for us, this time to gently focus on our mind, body our breath and spirit. 

Group sessions can also be arranged and tailored. My role is to ensure you receive exactly as you need from our practice. Sessions are carried out between our outside pool and tennis court area. There may be flexibility on locations based on clients needs. All mats and props provided

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