Reiki “rei” meaning (universal) and “ki” (life energy) is an energy healing modality discovered by Japanese born Buddhist monk Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1800’s. Since then, Reiki healing has been studied, adopted and introduced by practitioners all across the world. Although continuing to evolve, Reiki has remained true to it’s core foundations and pillars. 


Reiki is a spiritual healing art where the attuned practitioner works with the clients own energy and will focus on any areas, restoring and bringing back balance physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Reiki will always go where it needs to and the intention set and symbols used by the practitioner will be to clear away any negative energies, or anything that is no longer serving you or your greatest and highest good. Reiki is not associated with religion but can be linked to whatever your resonate as your own spirituality; whether this be yoga, meditation, nature, God; whatever brings you peace, serenity and back home to self. 


During our time together, we will have an introductory chat and understand why it is you felt this calling to Reiki and what you are looking to gain from the energy healing treatment. I will talk you through exactly what the session comprises of, answer any questions you may have and when finished our session, we can discuss any messages which came through, as well as anything you wish to share. I do intuitive guidance reading throughout the healings so if comfortable, I can also connect to your team of angels and guides and from here, a series of messages for your highest good may come through. I also use my Crystal Healing Singing bowls for healings of the chakras or my Shamanic healing Drum; Wollamai, who will journey with us through your healing, bringing activation to our Heart Chakra and connecting with any messages from our Ancestral lineage. Every client’s experience will be completely different so the best expectation is to have no expectations and let whatever needs to comes through for your greatest good. We can finish with an optional complimentary Angel card reading if you feel the desire to receive additional guidance or messages.


I also offer Distance Reiki healing sessions. As Reiki knows no time nor space, this beautiful Universal life force energy healing can be delivered to you anytime and anywhere in the world and is truly powerful with the messages which I also channel through for you. With the purest of intention set by myself, there is a specific process for this healing. I take some personal details from you, arrange a suitable time (preferably when in a relaxed and comfortable setting where you will not be disturbed) and through the distance healing process and specific Reiki symbols and intentions, I will carry out the energy healing on your behalf. I will also connect with your angel and spirit team to channel through any messages during your healing which will be for your greatest and highest good. This process lasts for either the 70 or the 90 minute option you chose, including a before and after call. I will also compile from our session a follow up recording which will be sent to you within 24 hours of your healing. This will outline everything which came up during your session and any guidance for you to start putting into place to your daily live. 


Your session, intention and sacred space has been set up specifically for you beforehand. Know that you will be in a safe and supported environment where you will be held and be able to fully surrender allowing this beautiful life force energy flow through you. Allowing the Reiki healing to restore balance, love and light, happiness and joy into your being.

Reiki is not associated with religion but can be linked to whatever you resonate as your own spirituality; whether this be yoga, meditation, nature, God; whatever brings you peace, serenity and back home to self.

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