Referring Friends in June

To all my beautiful and devoted clients & friends of healflowbreathe.

During the month of June, when you refer a friend, who books in for a Reiki and Intuitive healing session, you will receive a *$25* coupon off your next 70 or 90 minute distance/in person treatment.


Simply refer to all your wonderful tribe and ask them to when booking, add your full name into the booking form as their referrer and you will receive your coupon shortly after. There is no limit, so each friend you refer you will receive an additional $25 dollars off your treatment... so 2 referrals equals to $50 off your next treatment...yay!!

What's New With healflowbreathe Offerings...

As always, I am so incredibly grateful for being able to do the work that I love so dearly and that fills my heart and soul completely. 

A huge part of my philosophy and values has, and will "always" be about giving back, about serving you and giving you the support and guidance you need, especially during these times where you need it most.

My aim through my 1 on 1 Reiki healing sessions is to provide you with transformation, as well as the guidance and tools to essentially, be able to heal yourselves. Ultimately everything you need is within you.


I have began to use my channelling abilities within my sessions which in turn, enables me to connect to your spiritual team; your angels and guides, and to provide you with the intuitive guidance and messages that are for your greatest and highest good.

This does add on quite a bit of preparation time in advance of your session, as well as energy to connect to your team, however, I believe it is so important to add this element as it gives you so much more clarity, and these messages enable you to take the necessary steps to improve your well being, and to live a fuller and happier life with so much more ease, which is what you truly do deserve. 

I have also added on sound bath therapy with my Crystal Quartz Chakra Singing Healing bowls. Here, I set the purest of intention for your greatest and highest good and I sing these highly vibrational bowls so that these vibrations move up and through, and all around your body. Vibrating through your chakras and allowing them to shift back into alignment. For both in person and distance healings, a personal recording can be sent to you also, which you can then listen to as you need.


Overall, through my own personal journey and soul's purpose, my offerings have now evolved and amplified due to the additional time, energy and modalities that I have included.  However, as a practitioner, the same goal is applied, and transformation is the key focus I want for each and every one of you. I am here to support you on your own journey, to provide you with the healing, the guidance and the messages that you need to receive and hear from your team. This healing and these messages will empower you, they will support you and they will ultimately lead you home, home to your true self and to the person that you came on this Earth to be.


I am here. I see you, I hear you, I with every single cell of my being honour and admire you and I "will" assist you in every way I can, to help you journey home



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Love and Light