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Heal, Flow & Breathe with Helen - Your Yin Yoga and Reiki Hour Retreat

A Sunday morning, and evening for some. All connecting as the special feminine souls that we are. Come, join me online where we will start your day, or help you unwind. Your hour of Yin and Reiki medicine to bring relaxation and restorative bliss to your beautiful mind, your body and soul. Namaste
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Heal, Flow & Breathe with Helen  -  Your Yin Yoga and Reiki Hour Retreat

Time & Location

26 July 2020, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm AEST

About the event

From this deep passion and purpose within my heart, I have created this hour long journey of bringing balance and restoration to you; my beautiful and mighty sisters across our world. 

Journeying together with you through my passions for both Yin yoga and Reiki energy healing. Now is a time, more than ever, where we crave balance, we crave connection with self, and if for even just 1 hour from our busy lives, we crave escapism. As women...we need our time. 

At times, I too have felt that disconnect from self and so, through my modalities that I have been gifted with, I am showing up to gently steer us back to a place where we can seek balance, freedom and seek oneness. Where we will selflessly, give time back to honouring ourselves and to our own needs.  Moving slowly and with ease through the power of some gentle Yin yoga and while doing so; providing to each of you, Reiki energy and Sound healing. Creating a sacred space for you to simply be, to breathe and to receive. 

All you will need is a quiet space, connection to meet me online with headphones, some cushions/bolsters and blankets, or any aditionals you would like to include for your Oasis; perhaps a scented candle or some incense ....the rest, I will take care of as I embrace you in this warming and nurturing hug and space. 

Giving this gift of so much more than just time, back to yourself xx

  • Heal,Flow & Breathe with Helen

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