Mini Distance Healing Boosters!

As we face this time of challenge, and, for the now, experience all sorts of uncertainties, I will be stepping up to support my community. I feel called to help as many of our tribe as possible at this time, and so, I am offering Mini Distance Healing Boosters so I can support you, provide healing, restore balance and bring back calm.

These 30 minute sessions will be priced at just $33 during this time. Scroll to bottom to see what you will receive with my personalised Mini Booster Healings. 

Free weekly Live Group Energy Healings will also be offered to our community: - please see details below

Free Weekly Group Healing Live Sessions

As always, I am so incredibly grateful for being able to do the work that I love so dearly and that fills my heart and soul completely. 

A huge part of my philosophy and values has and will always be about giving back, and especially during these times where we all need support and guidance most.

During April, and potentially beyond, I will be providing free Distance Reiki Group Healing Sessions weekly, through my facebook business page. 

Please, if you feel called to... come and join us. Privately setting our intentions, coming in to stillness and connecting with our minds, our bodies, our hearts and spirits. For, we need true connection to self, more so now than ever.


Yin Yoga and Reiki 

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In Person & Distance Reiki

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Reiki Treatment

April Special

Mini Distant Healing Boosters

What you will receive:

  • Full body Chakra Alignment Assessment

  • 20 minute Distance Healing

  • Audio file outlining: areas of misalignment and where I focused on during your healing, any messages which came through from your spirit team; as well as guidance and tips on how you can bring more balance to your daily life and to these particular Chakras

  • A sense of feeling lighter, more calm and less noise, more balanced and a greater sense of peace and clarity