Hello everyone! Welcome and thank you so much for visiting healflowbreathe. I would also like to thank you for honouring yourselves and for taking this first step towards making some major changes for your life's journey. Something or someone has guided you here today, so perhaps my story, my support and offerings will resonate with you, hopefully leading our paths to cross soon.

A little bit about me. My name is Helen, I am 39 years young and originally from a tiny village in Ireland where I was very blessed to be raised with my eight older siblings...yes eight :)

I was called to Reiki a few years ago when I was going through quite a difficult period in my life and where I had some extremely heavy lifting to take care of. Still suffering the loss from my dear and beautiful mother, I had not given myself the time nor space to grieve or heal. Instead, I was buried deep in distractions and denial which on some level, I knew would eventually resurface and catch up with me....it always does.

I had also just released myself from a not so great relationship where, after 2 and a half years of being extremely unhappy, it was only when I had really taken space apart and gotten out of my own way that I had such a profound awakening.

This was a massive "aHa" and "what the hell" had I been doing moment. It was as if in the blink of an eye, the dark storm had passed and the beautiful sun appeared in all her glory. I was awake and boy did it feel good!

For years, I had been suffering and selflessly neglecting my own needs and within that pivotal moment, I knew I had been completely selling myself short and that I was worthy and deserving of so much more. It was truly liberating, and the lessons I learned from that awakening helped me shape my journey and led me to where I am today. I was no longer lost.

This was a massive "aHa" and "what the hell" had I been doing moment. It was as if in the blink of an eye, the dark storm had passed and the beautiful sun appeared in all her glory. I was awake and boy did it feel good.

Discovering Reiki helped me lean inwards, to get out of my head and to lead with my heart. I began to love myself again. Within 5 months of consistent Reiki practice the Universe aligned and had my back, as if by magic. I had by chance, rekindled with an old friend while visiting Sydney for a weekend, and from this totally unexpected encounter, 4 months later I was packing up my life in Ireland and transferring my job and belongings to Sydney. I am now beyond blessed to be marrying my "old friend" soul mate and true earth angel in a few months time.

Reiki basically saved me. Before I started practicing and committing to my routine daily I was lost. Lost in the past, the future, my phone screen or petty worries which at that time I didn't see as completely trivial.

I was never truly in the present moment. The calmness, balance and clarity Reiki, Meditation and Yoga brings is like nothing I've experienced. I no longer have a mind full of busy clutter and racing thoughts, panic or challenges. Life is calm, life is rich in every moment, whether i'm by myself, with friends or in nature. I can now fully appreciate each moment, the air I breathe, the smell of the flowers, the sounds of the song bird. I am present. This does take consistent dedication however, as our ego creeps in daily and other life chaos tries to throw us off balance time and time again, we must try to adopt a shift in mindset here. Once you do have this greater sense of self awareness however, it is a total game changer!

I have been carrying out Reiki sessions on my clients for the past 5 years and am qualified as a Level 3 Advanced Practitioner. I am also a fully qualified Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher with over 350 hours of training and workshops and love to combine both, as well as trained in Meditation & Mindfulness and Co-active life coaching. In addition to these, I am also an Intuitive Channeller and by connecting with your team of angels and guides I can bring through messages during our Reiki healings which will be only for your greatest and highest good. As I believe sound healing is also an incredibly powerful modality, I will often use my Crystal Singing bowls and Healing drum to clear away any energies which no longer serve you, bringing you back to balance.

My passion and purpose in this life is simply to serve and bring healing and support to others, while empowering them to be the happiest and most balanced versions of themselves. I am dedicated to raising the vibration of this wonderful planet and it's people.

Whatever you may be struggling with either internally or externally, or whether you just need to bring balance back to your life I am here. I am here to listen, to hold space and to support and nurture you on your journey, inviting you to leave our sessions a little lighter but also with your heart a little fuller.  

Love and light

Helen xx  

Hi, I'm Helen...


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