Catch your breath

Experience and introduce true peace, clarity and a new found calmness and balance to your life


Weaving together Yin and Reiki we can surrender, allowing ourselves to immerse into nurturing bliss 


Each step and breath bringing us back to a deeper awareness of presence. 


Perfect option for you and your tribe to come together and experience our Yoga and Reiki sessions

I believe...

...that in this life, we go through many experiences that shape our journey and path. Some of these steps on our path will be filled with love and light, with happiness, joy and balance. Others however, filled with darkness and pain, with stress and negativity. 

A few years ago, I was in a very different place from where I stand today. Through my own personal journey, I have experienced many wonderful highs, but also the many lows. On my path and from discovering Reiki healing, Yoga and Meditation, I learned and began to lean inwards.


From utilising these modalities daily, my life and perspective dramatically began to change and it has had such a profound effect on my outlook of this life. By learning to lean inwards and lead with my heart, I learned to love and be kinder to myself and others, and from here, I realised that everything I needed was within me and not externally. This is when huge transformation began to flow. 


I am truly excited to assist and to support you on your own personal journey. We don’t need to struggle, in fact we were brought here to do the opposite. We deserve to be happy, feel balanced, to be loved and to love unapologetically, to be kind to ourselves and to others. Through life, we have been conditioned by society to believe that hardship is normal, and that we deserve to be burdened and stressed; this is simply a false belief we have inherited. 


We are however in this together, and at times it’s just not easy and we do need that support to help us return home and discover our real truth.


I'm here to support you. To unlock and tap into your high energy vibrations of love, light and of happiness, and to clear away any energies or anything that no longer serves you, or your greatest good, because ultimately that is the least that you deserve and it is your birth right on this earth. 


As a Reiki Master, Intuitive Channeller and Yoga Teacher, I will be using the Reiki energy healing modality and my intuitive channeling abilities to bring balance and to serve and support you during our treatments along with any messages which need to come through for your greatest and highest good. This is my soul’s purpose, to bring healing, support and empowerment back and to hold this beautiful and nurturing space for you


I am here, I see you, I hear you, I appreciate and honour you with all of my heart for taking this step towards becoming the real you and helping you journey home.

Reiki Treatment


Helen is just fantastic! She is a natural healer and was born to do reiki. Her peaceful and loving personality will immediately make to trust her and to relax during the session, after which you will leave with improved energy flow and will feel lighter and positive. I cannot recommend her highly enough, one of the best experiences I have ever had! Thank you Helen ❤ 

Monika H


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